Property Tours by Oxford Media Factory

Property Tours


Property Tours

Property Tours from Oxford Media Factory offers a unique way of showcasing properties to your audience via video. Video gives your viewer a completely immersive experience in any sized property. From 2 bedroomed flats through to country manor houses, Property Tours gives your audience a bespoke guided walkthrough viewing.

With the added options of voiceover, titling and branding, Property Tours will captivate your audience and bring your property to life.

In just half a day, we can professionally film your property in high definition video and begin editing almost as soon as the doors are closed.

Videos from Property Tours can be viewed ‘cross-platform’ – this means that if your target audience is on the move, they can view the videos on mobile, tablet and touch screen devices.

We also offer hosting solutions to suit your needs with branded webpages to give you a solid platform to showcase your new videos.

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We can provide a video viewing tour

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Residential Properties

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Hotels & Holiday Let Videos