Lecture Video Capture

What is it?

One of our experienced camera crew will attend your lecture/seminar/speaker event and record it in Full HD (High Definition) video. With the growing number of lectures now becoming freely available on platforms such as iTunes U as webcasts and podcasts, it’s time to get your college or university department noticed.

By producing these podcasts and videocasts (also known as video webcasts), you are not only contributing to a greater knowledge for your internal students but maximising opportunity to exhibit your course/department to a much wider audience.

How does it work?

Because we understand the nature of lectures and impromptu speaking sessions, we work flexibly around your start time.

All we ask is that you let us know as soon as you can, that way, we have more chance of being able to make the booking. You give us the date, time, place and any other important information about the lecture. We turn up with one camera (which is usually enough), a portable wireless microphone which picks up your speaker’s/lecturer’s audio without any wires or hassle. We stay as long as the lecture session is and record all of the educational material onto memory cards rather than tape (so it’s faster to offload).

Depending on how fast you need the lecture, we can give you the memory card to keep with the unedited footage or we can take back and ‘top/tail’ the footage (meaning taking away the unnecessary start and end footage).

You can have your lecture back within the week as a ‘web-ready’ iPad/iPod/iPhone friendly file for you to upload onto iTunesU or YouTube or your local hosting server.

What’s Included?

  • Web Ready MP4 File to upload to YouTube/iTunesU/Vimeo
  • MP3 Audio podcast for people to listen to on-the-go
  • Dropbox digital download

Prices from £250+VAT. Book now!

Available Extras

  • Multiple Cameras

    Add extra cameras to your production and give it a more interesting dimension.

  • 1 Day Turnaround

    We can add your production to the top of the post production list to get it out fast.

  • Animated Intro Titles

    Bring your event coverage to life with by animating your logo with a jingle.