• Animation
  • Green Screen
  • Explainer Video
  • Brand Film


Established in 1946, Seacourt Printing Ltd is a pioneering and innovative printing company based in Oxford. They are committed to sustainability and are trailblazers in their industry. They have gained four Queen’s Awards for sustainable development and won the European Commission’s EMAS most sustainable SME in Europe in 2017. They are also the highest scoring B Corp printing company in the world! 


When Seacourt approached us they had some idea of what they wanted but had no knowledge or understanding of how it would come to life. Through lots of discussion and collaboration, we came up with a solid plan that would communicate their key messages, and importantly their B Corp values, to their audience.  

The team needed some videos that would be used by their senior sales team when approaching prospective clients. They would also be hosted on their website, used on social media and in email marketing to give customers a real insight into their business.

The challenge, as always with explainer videos, was to convey all of the key messages whilst keeping the videos succinct and engaging. We also needed to get a good understanding of what the Seacourt team needed, so we could use our knowledge and experience to suggest ideas that would make for a successful project.


The OMF team worked closely with the Seacourt team to put together a plan for the videos which included: 

Talking Heads

To start the process we worked with the client to produce a script for each video. These were to be presented to the camera by members of the Seacourt team and would form the framework for the videos. By planning the scripts we were able to ensure that the key messages were concise and on point. Filming in the factory would mean there was background noise, so we invited the team to our HQ to film their pieces to the camera against the green screen. Using the green screen meant that we could brand the background, use animated graphics and reposition the speakers on the screen as needed.

B-roll (secondary footage)

In our pre-production meetings, we created a shot list for each location, ensuring we captured content that was relevant for each video. We took the creative decision to shoot all the B-roll at half speed (50fps), to inject some cinematic creativity into the videos, giving a contrast between the talking head and still imagery. Armed with the scripts and detailed shot list, we spent two days at Seacourt filming B-roll across their two sites. 

Animated Graphics

In order to tie the production together, we created a bespoke branding package to be used across the suite of videos. This included an intro/outro sequence with custom sound design, as well as a lower third, both with bespoke logo animations.


The project was a huge success for everyone involved. Working in collaboration with the Seacourt team, becoming a partner to them, meant that we were able to develop something special for them to use now and in the future. We added our experience and knowledge to their ideas and created a suite of 12 high-quality videos that their sales team can use for both prospective and current clients. 

It has been inspiring to be working with such an innovative and trailblazing B Corp organisation, and we hope to be able to help them showcase more of their work in the future. 

“The videos that OMF have produced are incredibly valuable. We’re going to be using them on social channels, our website and emails to really illuminate the groundbreaking work that we’re doing in our industry. I would absolutely recommend OMF if you’re looking for video production services. The team are fantastic, incredibly knowledgeable but most of all a pleasure to work with.”

Gareth Dinnage, MD Seacourt Printing Ltd.