• Background
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Outcome


In 2016 the tonies box was founded with a strong goal in mind. The founders wanted to create something to inspire creativity and foster imagination while limiting screen time. The small German business grew quickly and to date 10.5 million have been sold worldwide. 

Designed for children aged three to seven, the tonies box is a cube-shaped speaker that plays stories, music, is a learning aid, and even a toy to cuddle at the end of the day! When we were approached by our client to work on a product shoot for tonies, the whole team was eager to get stuck in and start developing ideas and scenarios to really show off its uses and value. 



Our client was developing a PR and marketing campaign – Tonies for Teachers – with a view to breaking into the education market in the UK. They approached us to create a series of short product videos showcasing the tonies box in education settings. The box is very easy to use so we knew that the teachers and children would get to grips with it very quickly. We developed a series of storyboards with the client to make sure all the elements of her campaign were covered, and then needed to find a willing school, teacher, children and their parents! 

Working with children in a professional setting wasn’t something that our team had a lot of experience in, so we knew that it would potentially be a challenge on the day of the shoot, as well as trying to make sure we got all the footage we needed. While our team is very experienced, shooting for a product video is very different to live streams, events and brand storytelling videos. With this in mind, we had a lot of discussions and did research to be fully prepared for the project ahead. 


We were very lucky that a local school agreed to be part of this campaign, and with the permission of their parents and guardians, the children were ready for their big moments.

This shoot presented a couple of new challenges for us, so we set up some different procedures to overcome them. We hired some new equipment for the shoot and sourced specialised lenses and cameras to facilitate some of the key focus shots we knew we wanted to create. We also hired an Easyrig Vario 5 to help stabilise the movement of the camera and which also allowed for a multi-cam operation. 

We also had the whole team with us on the day of the shoot to set up scenes, work with the children and distract and entertain them when needed. Not the normal day job, but one that was very fun!

We wanted to create a cinematic but fun and playful video for the audience, as it was going to be used on the website, social media and in advertisements. Keeping in mind the intended use of video throughout the process is key. Knowing who will be watching it and what the objectives and aims of the video helped guide the planning, shoot day and editing. 



We had originally planned to produce two different videos showing the box being used in different ways by different age ranges. However, during the editing process and after some discussion with the client, we changed it to be one video that showed the product in a range of scenarios that we had already captured on the shoot. 

While every project starts with an end goal in mind, it is important to be adaptable to make sure the end product meets the clients’ needs. 

Overall, working in a classroom environment was exciting, we are a very adaptable team and thrive on new approaches and ways of working. We certainly learnt a lot filming with the children and the product!