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Wargaming.net are publishers of a massive multiplayer online game, World of Tanks. World of Tanks produces an endless stream of online content for its extensive online community, spanning from historical documentaries, gaming live streams, live events and more.

Head of Military Relations Europe, Richard Cutland got in touch with us about a new podcast series he wanted us to produce, Tank Nuts! They had already recorded the pilot episode at the Wargaming headquarters in Paris. The pilot was a huge online success and was published across all the major podcasting platforms such as Spotify, iTunes etc, and the video content was hosted on YouTube.


Our brief was to continue producing the podcast series whilst maintaining the production quality and format. Pre-COVID, we produced the second and third episode at our partner recording studio, Evolution Studios. Here, we used high-end microphones to capture the audio, and created a studio set up in the live room of the studio.

Once lockdown rules came into place, we had to ensure we produced the podcast to the same quality, but remotely. The podcast featured guests from all around the UK and USA which added a layer of complexity.


We decided that to maintain the same recording quality we would only be comfortable using our own kit, so we set about shipping remote podcast kits to the host and guests. Each kit contained a high-end usb microphone, 4k webcam and ring-light, meaning we were able to remotely record the podcast conversations between Richard and his guests.

For the video, we came up with a branded video frame and Wavecast animation. The Wavecast animation is a dynamically moving audio signal that is tied to the speakers voices, creating a more visual experience for the audience.


Tank Nuts has been able to continue providing its fanbase and community with podcast and video content during the pandemic through engaging video and audio content.

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"We approached Oxford Media Factory to discuss a brand new podcast the Company were planning. From the very first discussion to the ongoing production they have been invaluable with their help in creating what has become a popular global podcast reinforcing the brand's passion for history. Their expertise, both technical and creative, has been invaluable in the ongoing series, communication is easy and their professionalism is beyond reproach. I highly recommend Oxford Media Factory for any and all of your media production services."

Richard Cutland - Head of Military Relations