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Response, a mental health support charity, recently launched their support arm, The Mental Wealth Academy (MWA), a project delivered by their children and young people’s team.

The client first approached us with an undeveloped script and idea. The video they wanted to create was a dynamic explainer video animation that would introduce the Mental Wealth Academy, a new service by Response, to other third sector organisations (regionally and nationally), local authorities and clinical commissioning groups. 

They wanted to maintain an emphasis on the video being fresh, young and heavily branded throughout, with a large focus on scenes that would seamlessly transition from one to another.  This type of ‘seamless’ flow was really important to the client and would reinforce the message that gaining help through the MWA was equally a seamless, easy and frictionless interaction.

Response knew what they didn’t want to produce, which helped us during pre-production conversations. It was also important for us to pay close attention to who was being represented in the video animation so that Response maintained its openness about inclusivity. 

This project’s message also had a sensitive subject and this was something to be continuously considered as we progressed through the script and storyboard stages.


This innovative new service needed to be represented appropriately and in a way that echoed the mission statement. 

During many of the scenes in this animation, the sequences transitioned in a way that felt natural, smooth and seamless. Similarly to a live-action one shot, we continuously kept one element on screen that moved through motion to make it feel as if it was never ‘cut’. For example, during the first few moments of the video, we use the logo to traverse into the next sequence, playing on the graphical shape and colour to dictate the following scene.

The online element of the service also featured heavily, as typically this is how young people will interact with services. To depict this we follow Noah in the animation as he expresses the need for mental health support via social media. We use a first-person view as Noah seamlessly interacts and moves through the online portals and services. 


Featuring slick transitions, integrated branding, a smooth voiceover and bespoke sound design, the animation follows the protagonist Noah, as he expresses the need for mental health support. The final animation feels complete and very unique to MWA and Response and hopefully has a big impact on the service.

It was brilliant to work with OMF from start to finish. The team were great and very knowledgeable in their field. They were keen for it to be a collaborative process which worked great in helping bring our ideas to life. They were quickly able to understand and interpret our brief whilst always presenting creative suggestions that would only further the quality of the video. The team took a real interest in getting to know who we were and what we did as an organisation, their passion for our cause shone through. They were understanding throughout as we explored different ideas and concepts and allowed us to be as hands-on as we wanted. We were consulted throughout the process, which meant we were delighted with the finished video. It is great to be able to use a visual tool like this for promotion and marketing of the services we offer. We’d highly recommend OMF’s media production services; we thoroughly enjoyed the process and are pleased with the final product. We’d like to work with them again as and when the opportunity arises.

Jack Cherrill, Communications Officer and Jon Clark, Community and Participation Manager