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Since its launch in March 2011, the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) has played a key role in driving forward a dynamic, growing and sustainable economy for Oxfordshire. They’re responsible for projects such as a growth program worth £2.2billion to the county and supporting the creation of 48,000 new jobs.

Annually, OxLEP hosts the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards (OAA) to shine a spotlight on the county’s talented apprentices and those who support them. The event has always been a face-to-face event, however in 2020, it was a virtual event self-produced by OxLEP.

For the 2021 event, the OxLEP team approached Oxford Media Factory to take their online event to the next level.


As expected our biggest challenge was the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. As we had already run the Oxfordshire Youth Awards during the pandemic, we were able to use similar workflows and techniques, but with some  “level-ups” for this event.

Working alongside Melanie Ringer and Sally Andreou from OxLEP we pulled together the running order and planned other elements such as the green screen recordings of the sponsor messages. By staggering these recordings and hosting them at our studio, we were able to manage the production safely.  This event had two hosts who had to maintain the two metre distance, but this left a lot of dead space between the hosts. To resolve this, we used a 75” screen between them to show live callers, the social media wall, animations and motion backgrounds.

Another challenge we had was to maintain the element of surprise for all. When the winners were announced, we brought them in live so viewers saw a genuine reaction. We did this by using a virtual green room and a dedicated person to manage this part of the show.


We created another fantastic evening for all of the apprentices and viewers. The live stream saw 300+ viewers on the night and within five days the on-demand version had 500 views and 1.3k impressions and counting.
View the full live event here.

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Oxford Media Factory did a fantastic job for us. We are not experts at this, but this is the second time I've worked with OMF and I've had just as much of a blast this time as I did before. We've been made to feel very relaxed, the guys are very professional and we even got pizza!

Simon and Teya - OAA team