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Note: sensitive material in the images has been blurred

Many organisations started doing remote recordings during the pandemic, but even as restrictions begin to lift it is still much more commonplace than it ever was.

One of our clients (who cannot be named) wanted to ensure they had the highest quality outputs for their recordings. While our remote interview recording kits are great for this, we wanted to make sure the client had the best possible content, recorded remotely.

A lot of these recordings have taken place in people’s homes, and while this was acceptable for a time while the world adapted, we wanted to offer a better quality output for our client.

Challenge & Solution

To overcome this issue, and to offer this client the ability to have consistent branded or graphical backgrounds, we included green screens in the remote kits. Using a green screen allows content to be fully branded, removes messy and distracting backgrounds, and offers more flexibility in post-production.

The key to the successful use of a green screen is light and quality. By including ring lights in the kits, and guiding the speakers to ensure no natural light enters the room, we were able to ensure the light was as consistent as it could be.

Another challenge is low-quality streaming. To overcome this we deploy a clever tool and platform. This platform allows us to host the interview in a setting that is familiar with the speakers as it resembles Zoom and Teams and generally has many of the same controls. However, under the bonnet, it’s recording locally to their computer and simultaneously uploading to our server. Allowing us to receive a video file free of streaming quality degradation.


We were able to deliver high production value through a remote, easy to set up and lightweight kit box, including a green screen, that could be shipped anywhere in the world, inexpensively.

As you can see in the examples, the imagery was still sharp and the audio was high-quality and audible.

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"OMF are extremely valuable in supporting every project we collaborate on, from their limitless professionalism in ensuring incredibly high-quality video outputs, to their client management of some very busy medical professionals. We love working with Chris, George, and the team as they take a “weight-off” our shoulders when organising and running recordings, their creative talent allows us to propose and create really exciting and engaging programmes".

Rebecca Glass - Senior Education Manager