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In 2019, Graduway, the creator of the world’s top alumni networking and management software, asked us to provide full media coverage across their two-day event at the prestigious British Museum in London. Our brief was to produce and deliver a bespoke comprehensive live stream from the two-day conference, streaming various talks and presentations to Graduway’s customers, across the world, who could not make it to the event. The event had previously been held in New York and was also live-streamed from another video partner, so with this came certain expectations.


Initially, we completed a location scout, we met with the on-site AV team, looked around the space and asked questions about the production. Using our purpose built checklist, we established things such as camera locations, power points, AV technical specifications and crew/kit logistics.

The event location, the British Museum, is an esteemed location with high-security protocols, regulations and public access limitations which presented its own challenges.

In modern auditoriums, we usually set up the live streaming rig in an AV room with easy access to the main auditorium, allowing us to connect the cameras and external equipment directly to the streaming area. This, however, was not the case at the British Museum, as the AV room is suspended above the audience, with access only being provided by stairs. We now needed to run 100 meters of fibre optic cable from the camera locations in the auditorium up to the live streaming rig up in the gallery.

Live Production

Our streaming rig allows us the flexibility to control real-time switching between multiple live video cameras, while dynamically mixing in other source media, such as presentation slides, pre-roll content, external video, static imagery or music. We have the flexibility and full customisability to display text slides such as “Live stream starting soon”, intervals, or “Thanks for watching” information.

We the used a reliable, robust streaming service that was embedded into Graduway’s website and branded accordingly. We then were able to supply our client with valuable data such as user traceability, viewing statistics and geographical data from anyone who watched the stream around the world. This information was invaluable to the client for future events and live streams.

For the event, we had two camera positions feeding directly to our streaming rig to mix the video feeds. During the live stream, the Director focused on communicating with the camera positions to instruct and produce the streamed video content. The Director’s job was to make sure the live stream maintained focus, whether that be the speaker or the presentation of the room. This also meant that the full resolution recording of the day was recorded, live edited and ready to be uploaded as an “on-demand” version immediately post the event.

The British Museum had also agreed to use their in house cameras to stream to the main auditorium that was acting as an overflow room. On-site, we noticed the quality in which it was being displayed was poor so we offered to set up the AV team with a link to our stream, offering the overflow audience a much better quality and comprehensive viewing experience which the client was thankful for.


Overall, this project was a huge success and a lot was learned. We did encounter a ‘down stream moment’ as the fire alarm at the British Museum was triggered! The museum had to evacuate all personnel in the building so we quickly switched to a holding slide until we could continue the event, picking up where we left off. GLS 2020 is now being planned and, taking into account all of the lessons learned, we are looking to provide another flawless service.