• Photography
  • Social Video Content
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Case Study Marketing Material


We were tasked with creating outputs which highlighted three specialist divisions: residential, hospitality and leisure. 

Through this, we produced a promotional film and photography that would showcase our client’s AV solutions that would sit within an environment that suited the technology allowing it to be showcased within its natural environment. These include residential, hospitality and leisure facilities.



To make sure we captured the content we needed, we had to be mindful of the space, light and overall presentation of the spaces. We shot at a luxury residential property in Wood Wharf in London so we could portray a high-end, luxury location for their equipment. To match the location we choose to shoot and edit using camera angles that suited the style and atmosphere of the video. We kept the visual aesthetic quite minimalistic, allowing the clean shots to really speak for themselves. 

One of the challenges filming at this location was that there were other members of the public around as it was a residential building. We needed to be sure we were capturing content that didn’t have anyone in it, and also that they weren’t present in any reflections in glass or mirrors. Creating a video highlighting the beauty of what the technology can achieve was the main aim for this video and through this, it also become our biggest challenge. Ensuring we are highlighting the product to the best of our abilities. 

We also only had one day to shoot, so we had to make sure we got all the content we needed on that one day. With that in mind, we had to make sure our planning and production processes were seamless, and that we got exactly what we needed for the editing process.



Using our experience and expertise we were able to solve any problems we came up against. We married the movement and stylised direction of the footage, with luxurious and well-suited editing, including the transitions, the shot placement and also the music choice. All of these elements play an extremely important role in the overall output and have to be considered and planned right from the get-go… 

The ultimate goal was to present the products in a relevant environment in an appealing and luxurious way. We wanted to create a narrative that takes the viewer on a journey and provokes an emotional response. 



The overall output was well-considered and luxurious yet peaceful, and since delivering the final output to our client we have re-edited a version for us to use as an example of this style of marketing material that we can produce. This style of video was a little different to the kind of work that we are known for creating, so we wanted to play around with the creative content we captured. 

Along with a selection of high-quality images we took on the day which has since been used on the client’s social media channels, we delivered a smart, sophisticated and on-brand video. 

View our remastered video below and get in touch to have a chat about your next marketing video campaign.