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Oxfordshire Youth is the leading youth organisation in Oxfordshire and its work supports and helps over 26,000 young people across the county. Their vision is for all young people to be empowered, feel respected, and know that they are valued.

Every year Oxfordshire Youth hosts an event to celebrate the outstanding and unique contributions that young people and those working in the youth sector make to the community.


As with many face-to-face events in 2020, the Oxfordshire Youth Awards weren’t able to go ahead as planned. The challenge was set to take the event online. The main objective was for the event to still have the same excited and energetic vibe, virtually. The team also wanted to still encompass every aspect of the event including competition nominees, live award winners, sponsorship messages, musical performances, and much more.

As COVID restrictions changed, the OMF team had to adapt plans and production schedules to meet the needs of the event, while keeping in mind the safety of the team and everyone involved.


The OMF team set to work planning and dissecting every aspect of the event to make sure it flowed as a face-to-face event would, and importantly still had the same energy and vibe.


  • Pre-event recording of musical performances, VT links, and sponsor messages at Blenheim Palace
  • Pre-recordings sewn together and stitched into longer VTs that underpinned the live elements of the stream
  • Creation of branded graphics to tie the entire show together
  • Detailed cue sheet produced (to be used as the running order and script on the day)


For this project the team did two dress rehearsals, with one just before the live stream itself. This is hugely beneficial to everyone involved. The production team are able to iron out any last-minute tech and content issues, and the host and client are able to become familiar and comfortable with the production environment, cameras, monitors, and lights.

Live Stream:

Team roles –

Dom – Producer (taking control of the MultiCam and streaming environment)

Wilson – Cue-controller (in charge of the cue list software)

George – Production Manager (taking control of the live feed and cue sheet for the host and the live call-in system)

Chris – QC (watching the final stream to ensure quality and monitoring stats)

Each member of the OMF team could have a few things happening at once so detailed planning, open communication and teamwork is essential.

Challenges and solutions:

  • Ensuring guests were not able to find out who had won the awards (used Zoom Waiting Rooms to keep them separate from the stream until the right time.)
  • Making sure the right content was playing at the right time (The cue-controller had preloaded all 30 VTs in order to make sure they were all correct).
  • Communication with the audience (used a ticker-tape containing call-to-actions information such as hashtags, website details etc).

Post Production:

Once the stream was finished the live stream was processed and re-uploaded as an on-demand video for those who weren’t able to attend on the night. Alongside this, we produced a short highlights cut for use on social media and other marketing promotions.


Over 1,600 viewers joined the event on the night and were able to celebrate the talent and effort of Oxfordshire’s youth.

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“The journey to get here has been fantastic. The guys from OMF have been hands-on from the start. They have been phenomenal; I would highly recommend that anybody doing a live event uses Oxford Media Factory.”

Darius Smith - Trustee