iManage Animation
  • Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Branded Assets
  • Sound Design



We were approached by iManage, a cloud-based software solution, as they needed an onboarding video for new customers and existing customers who are moving to their cloud solution.

 After we had some good discussions with the iManage team, and internally, we agreed that an animated video would take their complex solutions and simplify them for the audience.

 To bring the project together we started the planning process, finalised the storyboard and then started work on the animation and final production. iManage had provided us with some existing imagery and an approved storyboard outline and script so we had a good starting point.  

 The final animation was on brand and had high-quality moving iManage imagery to communicate the key messages in a simple and engaging way. 




The video was going to be sent to and viewed by new iManage customers who were about to start using the iManage cloud product. Therefore, the video needed to be friendly, welcoming and instructional, as well as concise and on-brand. Ultimately, it needed to leave the customer with a good first impression.

 iManage had previously created animated videos to deliver messages and information but they had struggled to identify and execute their brand on video, even though they had extensive brand guidelines and character assets. 

 One of our main challenges was to hone in on iManage’s core branding and ensure that the new video communicated brand values and creativity.




So, with this in mind, it was our job to take what iManage had, bring their ideas to life, maintain brand integrity and develop an animation that would not only meet their needs but also exceed theirs and their customers’ expectations.

 While every animation project is different, our starting point is always to get a full understanding of the key messages that need to be communicated. Once we understood that, we brought the OMF touch with attention to detail – be that from the initial storyboard mock-ups right through to the final output.

 This animation was particularly important as it was to set the future style for iManage’s video content, so developing a brand style was at the heart of the work we did.




 This project was a huge success as we took the existing assets, developed a video brand style, communicated key messages and developed an outstanding animation for the client. Watching a project like this develop and be delivered with such a high-quality output is why we do what we do!

 Animation is a wonderful medium – it allows you to create virtually anything. It’s pretty liberating seeing the initial mock-ups on screen as you get to see your ideas developed into ‘real-life’. Get in touch if you’re looking at an animation project, we’d love to take on your challenge!