• Video production for pitch investment
  • Storyboard development
  • Script critique
  • Next day post production edits


A startup software development company (whose name we can’t disclose at this stage), with a heritage in Food Standards, approached Oxford Media Factory to support them with the creation of a short video for use during their investment pitch meetings. 

The video needed to explain our client’s product simply and concisely, ensuring prospective investors would understand how the product solves a well-known challenge within the food and beverage industry, within 60 seconds.


The creative revolved around depicting two versions of a customer’s experience during a trip to a cafe. The first scenario was based on current processes within the industry when it comes to food allergies, resulting in the customer feeling uncomfortable and receiving unsatisfactory service. Whereas the second scenario portrayed the use of our client’s product, resulting in a happy customer who felt reassured the food they had ordered was suitable and safe for their consumption. 

We produced a visual storyboard using 3D digital models to build the scenes and story we intended to shoot on the day. This was presented to the client for feedback and sign off,  ensuring both parties were aligned prior to the shoot. We also worked with our client to finalise the script for the video, ensuring key messages and key product functionality were communicated during the 60-second video. 

We sourced local cafe Lyall & Co, who we have previously worked with, for the filming location. The large, open and modern cafe allowed us to be liberal with the placement of lighting, cameras and sound equipment. One challenge we did have to overcome on the day of the shoot was natural outside light, as we were tasked to film the video in one afternoon. 


Shoot day revolved around working through the storyboarded scenes and methodically capturing what scenes had been planned along with B-Roll footage. A continuous challenge was the natural light that came in through the large windows that surrounded the cafe. To combat this, we worked fast and captured the scenes with actors in first, this meant we could better control the skin tones during the mid-afternoon light.  Our actors worked through the script, with direction provided by the Production Director, Chris. 

The interaction between the two characters (cafe employee and customer) and emotions were important to capture as we needed to showcase the negatives and positive flip side to both scenarios. In order to best capture these interactions, we shot two over the shoulder shots, lit and framed independently. We used both close body lavalier microphones and a secondary overhead boom mic for audio capture as it was a dialogue-heavy video.


When it came to editing, referencing the storyboard was vital. It helped our editors to build a timeline quickly and efficiently. Our meticulous shot slating also proved to be handy in the edit, as it allowed for easy navigation through the rushes. The sound was a big part of the edit, mixing the music, sound effects, and diegetic sound together was one of the trickier processes.

Post-production is always a charming process, as the planning comes together, and things finally start to make sense. All the team enjoyed watching the script come to life, and the shots fall into place.

Timelines for the project as a whole were short as our client required the finalised video ahead of an imminent pitch meeting. Therefore, the post-production team worked quickly to produce a first version for the client to review. Post-production edits, including implementing a round of client amends occurred in just two days! As a team, we’re really happy with the video and are delighted our clients are happy too – see what they have to say below…

We came to Oxford Media Factory about ten years ago when I had a high-pressure job for the Foods Standard Agency, it needed to absolutely right in terms of quality and in terms of creativity and delivered fast. They did all three of those things and we were delighted with them. Since then we’ve recommended them to various other companies and clients and indeed I just used them for a new start-up company. Young, creative and they deliver.

David Edwards, Founder of startup company

Well, Oxford Media (Factory) have done a fantastic job for us on more than one occasion. And the first time was with the Foods Standard Agency which are we very demanding client and the work we’ve done with them is still current. Which is excellent. And more recently we’ve done some work, which is cutting edge with them, and the great thing about them is they were helpful, professional and easy to work with. So I’d thoroughly recommend working with Oxford Media (Factory).

Mike Wilson, Founder of startup company