They say to never work with children or animals…but for this shoot, we dove headfirst into a child filled day of product filming! If you’re a parent you might have heard of the Tonies audio players, if not then they’re an audio device that allows you to play music and stories in a very simple way. 

We were supporting the Tonies for teachers team, who are working to bring the devices into the classroom as learning aids, so all in all a pretty exciting product shoot! Before the filming day, we had a good play with the tonies box to make sure we fully understood how it worked so we were prepared for using it on the day. 

The actual shoot took place at a school close to our office, and it was jam-packed! The whole team came along to help with setting up, setting the scene, crowd control (!) and making sure we captured all the content we needed for the final edit; a really comprehensive storyboard helped us make sure we got everything we needed. 

Setting the scenes and creating the right environment was one of our favourite parts of the shoot; getting stuck in and making sure the right props are in shot is a really key part of getting the narrative of the scene right. When we set up the fairy lights and books in the little reading nook it really helped the children feel calm and comfortable which just added to the authenticity of their performance!  

It was a great day that the whole team loved as it was fun, action-packed and we even got to hire some specialist equipment for the job including the Easyrig Vario 5

We loved working on this shoot and seeing the Tonies box in action, and seeing how the children engaged with it and loved having it there made it even more fun.