Nigel Moul, 85 from Abingdon, has teamed up with local video production company Oxford Media Factory to produce music video for synth-pop band Verna Hark.

The vision for ‘Sparkling Blue’ was conceived by George Hopcraft, Production Manager at Oxford Media Factory and also 1/3rd of the Verna Hark trio after seeing Nigel skate in a news article.

Skater, Nigel’s back story of finding love & enduring an ill-fated heart attack at the Oxford Ice Rink resonated with the band & production team and also carried the nostalgia portrayed in the song lyrics.

“Gems like Nigel are hard to find and we were lucky to be able to let his sparkle shine in our cinematic music video” – George Hopcraft, Production Manager, Oxford Media Factory.

“It seemed like a great project to be a part of and I just love skating so much. I’ve been skating down at the rink for 34 years so it was like a normal week for me” – Nigel Moul, 85, Abingdon. 

By attaching microphones to Nigel’s ice skates the team were able to capture the sound of his moves. Smoke machines and dramatic lighting help tell bring it all to life.

The 10 strong production crew came together on one of the hottest days over the summer to film the ice cold video with no interruptions.

“It was great to see everyone come together. It’s taken a lot of planning and time from lots of people to get it just right. The team and I are really happy with the end output and hope the public like it too.” – Chris Smith, Managing Director, Oxford Media Factory.

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Watch the video below