You’ve done the pitch. You’ve won the job. You’ve checked the storyboard and made the shot list. Now it’s time to prepare for the video shoot.

For most video shoots, even the small ones, there’s usually a lot of planning and preparation that needs to take place…

Some of the questions we ask ourselves are:

  • Where is it? Local? UK? Abroad?
  • What equipment do we need and if we’re taking it out of the country what import/export laws are in place?
  • Is it a creative shoot or is it more news gathering or conference filming?
  • What angles will we need to cover?
  • How many people will be speaking on camera?
  • Is the set already lit?

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At Oxford Media Factory, we’ve got a few different cameras to meet different job requirements, all of which are now capable of capturing 4K resolution. We’ve got Sony’s latest line-up including Sony FS5, Sony A7Sii and Sony A6300. These cameras all have similar picture profiles and are ideal pairings for multi-camera interview set-ups.

We also need to see if the job requires any awkward angles or tight space shots in which case we’d take along one of our GoPro Sports cameras. These are great and we’ve used them on all sorts of shoots to provide a fresh new angle where our bigger cameras just wouldn’t fit (or would get wet!)


We’ve got a whole array of lenses from photographic lenses to cinema lenses. Again, depending on the job in hand we may need to throw the background out of focus in an interview scenario, isolating the interviewee in their environment. We’ve got wide and telephoto lenses including a range of zoom and prime glass which all helps to make the production look fit for purpose and to keep the audience engaged.


As we know, sound is considered more important than the image in video production and we treat capturing it just as carefully as we do the image.

If it’s an interview or a speaker that we’re capturing in a more controlled environment, we tend to use TV standard lapel microphones. We have both wired and wireless options which really lend flexibility to video shoot. We’ve also got a range of on-camera shotgun microphone options which make quick interviewing at events and in break times seamless.


Lighting in the video industry can make or break a shoot. A poorly lit interview can look awful; even with a great camera. We’ve got Dedos for stages, LEDs to suit inside and outside colour temperatures and reflectors for when we’re outside. A recce day always helps you choose what equipment you require. However, all the planning in the world can go out of the window if the weather changes! Harsh sunlight looks terrible, but then so do sopping wet interviewees!

We take a lot of time to think about our video production shoots, what can (and does!) happen and how we can handle any changes to the script on the day. we work closely with our clients and try and accommodate everything required.