We recently had the pleasure of producing a video to assist the founders of a startup company during their investment pitch meetings. 

The video was going to be used to open the meeting, communicating to potential investors an industry-wide problem, introducing our client’s product and showcasing how their product solves said problem. It was therefore imperative that the video was impactful to get the pitch process off to a great start!

We developed a storyboard, using 3D models, accompanied by a script, and worked with our client to refine these prior to the shoot to ensure alignment between our client’s vision and the final output. 

The shoot took place in a local cafe, with the team prioritising scenes that contained actors due to the quickly fading afternoon light. The team were diligent in shot slating which helped greatly during post production as timelines were very tight, with version 1 of the output being required within 1 day! 

You can read more about this project, as well as watching testimonials from our client in our ‘A Pitch Perfect Video’ case study.