From animation and shoot logistics to podcast series and more. We’re taking a look back through the projects we’ve worked on so far in 2022. 

Something all of our more recent projects has all had in common (or not as the case may be) is how varied they all have been. From high-energy explainer videos and capturing event coverage, to working with drones and producing an awards show. The rest of 2022 already looks like it’s going to be as busy with international travel, live streaming events and one of the most complex animation projects we’ve ever worked on. 

We love the varied nature of our work, and the services we’ve been able to deliver this year have included;

  • Green-screen filming 
  • Talking head interviews 
  • Video podcast recordings 
  • Brand and service videos 

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards – OxLEP  

Livestreaming –  Event Production –  Animation 

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards team came back to us again this year after the success of the 2021 event.  We worked with the OxLEP team ensuring to produce a live event that gave both the apprentices and supporters a platform to celebrate all their hard work. As you can imagine, the production of an event like this involves a lot of preparation, planning and….more planning! We captured pre-recorded VTs from the sponsors, as well as produced and streamed the full event on the evening.


TankNuts: Podcast 

Podcast Recording –  Video Production –  Audio Software 

We regularly produce the Tank Nuts podcast with host Richard Cutland and in one of the most recent podcasts, they welcomed guest Elizabeth Lishmund. Elizabeth shared stories from her fascinating career as well as the new projects she has on the horizon.

As well as the high-quality audio for the podcast, we also produced a video recording of the podcast which is used on their website and YouTube channel.  


Medical Projects 

Talking Head Interviews – Round Table Discussions 

Some of the work we do is on a white-label basis with other larger agencies. We work quite often with one particular client and while we can’t talk about the specifics of the work we’ve been busy shooting and editing talking head interviews for a series of different events/projects. We often travel around the country filming interviews that are then used as part of a larger piece.  We enjoy working with other agencies and working on a white-label basis on sensitive information is something we’re familiar with. 



Animation – Storyboarding – Sound Design 

We have also been busy working on an exciting animation project with the team at iManage. We created and produced a highly engaging explainer video for them, which involved a lot of detailed work finessing small details such as clouds and rockets, as well as a detailed sound design that matched the storyboard.  


TRIG: Catapult 

Brand Service Video –  Motion Graphics –  Interviews 

For this project, we needed to film across the country so we could capture the innovators in their workshops/natural environments. For this, we split the team and all got to meet inspiring creators of their field. The videos would then come together for a larger piece to highlight the TRIG drones programme. In the video, you can see b-roll we took when we were with the experts and those moments caught on camera feel the most authentic which was a key area for us to shoot. 


Moshon Data 

Drone Filming – Product Shooting – Event Capturing 

We also got to work with Moshon Data for another event this year, this time capturing content from an event they held on the airfield. As we had worked with them before we had an understanding of what to expect, so we had our drones ready to get the most out of what was taking place down on the ground. We also wanted to produce a highlights video of the day, so we got lots of real and authentic footage of the attendees throughout the day. 


It’s been a busy, exciting and varied time for the team and we’re excited about all the projects we’re working on now, and the ones we have scheduled with clients in the future.

Take a look at our work on the portfolio page, or get a more detailed view of the projects on our case studies page.