It’s so good to be back out on location and being able to get into the thick of filming again. We recently had a day at an airfield working with Moshon Data capturing some footage for their safety training videos.

Moshon Data provides training, consultancy and vehicle targets for testing to the motor industry, so it was a really interesting day seeing a different side of the motor industry. 

Chris was pleased as he got to crack out the drone to get some awesome shots filming a broad field of space to help with audience perspective. We even mounted camera equipment on the bonnet and windscreen of the cars to get shots both inside and outside of the vehicles. 

As you can imagine there are always challenges working outside. The British weather never seems to be onside when we head to an outside location! We also had the challenge of being in what was essentially a greenfield site, so we had to be super organised to make sure we had everything we needed…lists lists lists are our friends! 

It was a great day, working with a really interesting and innovative organisation. We’re looking forward to doing more drone work soon, so get in touch if you think your organisation would benefit from a little height!