Briefing & Concept
Children with Cancer UK are the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. In 2019, one of Children with Cancer UK’s welfare projects, which aim to provide better care and practical support for young cancer patients and their families, was ‘A day out at Zippos Circus’.

Our brief was to create a promotional video of the event (less than 2 minutes) which would be hosted on the Children with Cancer UK website. We were also tasked with creating shorter, re-formatted cuts for social media use, along with subtitled versions of the videos.

In the weeks prior to the event, we were in close contact with our client, Elita (Events Coordinator at Children with Cancer UK), to formulate a brief for the video, as well as taking some time to better understand the charities’ brand guidelines.

Our aim was to capture vox pop interviews with families attending the circus, along with B-roll footage of the event, including the circus acts, and a piece to camera from Elita to close the video.

Considering the brief we had been given, we formulated a kit list to suit! We decided an A7sII paired with a Ronin-s gimbal would make for a great lightweight set-up, capable of capturing the live action with ease! The slow 60fps capability of the A7sII also appealed to us, as we knew the circus performance would provide some impressive slow-motion visuals (and it did!).

For the ‘interview kit’ we decided to take a Sony FS5 paired with a Sony NTG3 shotgun microphone. As well as interviews, the FS5 is also excellent at capturing establishing, and long shots!

Shoot Day
Two of our OMF team set off early on the day of the shoot to conduct a recce of the location before the crowds arrived. We located a quiet area with a colourful and on-brief backdrop to conduct the interviews, whilst also noting the food tent location! Although the weather wasn’t on our side, we miraculously managed to avoid the rain all day.

As expected, the turnout for the event was fantastic and, with plenty of families and staff members enjoying the day, there was a real buzz around the circus which allowed us to capture some great soundbites, and heart-warming moments!

When filming the circus performance, we opted to mount the FS5 on a tripod and capture the acts, whilst the A7sII was roaming round the room capturing the reactions on the audience faces, as it is superior in both low-light and portability.

Post-production & Delivery
In order to ride the wake of the publicity following the event, it was paramount that the video was published quickly. Reviewing the raw footage and selecting relevant clips was a lengthy process, but also one of the most rewarding! Watching footage back that we have shot is always pleasing to our team.

As we always do with clients, we worked closely with the Children with Cancer UK team whilst editing the video, to give them creative influence into the production. This was particularly important in this case because of the sensitive subject matter at hand. We were very conscious of the messages being portrayed in the video and tried to be as considered and informed as possible.

We delivered the videos, within the agreed time frame, ready for publishing on the Children with Cancer UK website and various social media channels.

The support we received from Oxford Media Factory was amazing, from the get go the team were very keen to set up conversations and gauge what content we wanted from our event. They saw our examples from previous events and gave their views on what they thought would really make this video showcase our events to the fullest. They were extremely quick with processing the video, and were understanding of all of our brand guidelines. This made the whole process so much smoother and we really appreciated all of their patience with us. On the day Chris and Wilson moved quickly and effortlessly throughout our crowd of 250 guests, capturing heartfelt family moments. The video they created really showcased our Welfare event at Zippos Circus, it’s important for us to show what an amazing time families have so other families want to attend but also so we can gain more support elsewhere. In a nutshell the team at Oxford Media Factory are amazing and a really genuine bunch. They go the whole 100% when making content and we appreciate all of their help.

Elita Aristocleous, Events Coordinator, Children with Cancer UK