During these, sorry to use the word, ‘unprecedented’ times, finding new and different ways to communicate is imperative. I’ve read a number of articles recently highlighting the importance of having a company podcast – whether that be an internal podcast for your employee’s ears only, a podcast which aims to communicate key updates to your clients or one which aims to provide knowledge sharing within your industry.

We’ve been producing podcasts at Oxford Media Factory for a while now and we’re pleased to say we’ve adapted our in-person studio recording service to a remote offering – meaning you can still record high quality podcast content easily, from the comfort of your own home.

Just last week we recorded a remote podcast for Wargaming’s series, ‘Tank Nuts’. We had previously had the pleasure of recording two Tank Nuts episodes in person but, as this is not currently feasible,  we instead sent equipment kits to the podcast host and guest, remotely assisted with equipment set up, recorded the content and post produced the episode. The result is a truly interesting, relaxed and open conversation between the two.

We also captured a video of their chat and post produced the talking head content with the Tank Nuts branding and a waveform to create a video output. This approach allows us to maximise the content for our clients, ensuring that audiences who prefer podcast content, and those who prefer video content, are both catered for.

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Remotely producing a podcast episode is quicker than you may think too, with the whole process taking just 5 working days!

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If you’d like to find out more about producing a podcast, please reach out to Rae on: rae@oxfordmediafactory.co.uk