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Top 5 Social Media Scheduling Tools

OMF Sprout SocialBuilding a social media presence can massively impact a company or person’s reach and success and consistency is key to getting eyes on your posts and gaining followers, however it is near impossible to find time to post daily at specific times.
Luckily there are a number of apps and sites with which you can schedule and backlog posts on various social medias, here are 5 of the best:

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OMF TweetdeckAs the names suggests, TweetDeck is just for Twitter, but is much more than just a scheduling device. It is created by Twitter themselves, and allows you to view multiple timelines, set out in simple and editable columns, at once (e.g. your messages, notifications and activity).

Scheduling is almost identical to how you would usually tweet, just with a date and time selector below it. TweetDeck is, however, only available on computers, making it ideal for companies but difficult to use when out and about.



OMF BufferBuffer schedules posts and tracks the performance of the content you put out on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+; all in one place!

In Buffer you can stack tweets in a queue, either waiting for you to allocate a time for them to go out or leave it to Buffer’s algorithm to release them at the best times in terms of reach and engagement.

Available for free as an app on both the App and Google Play stores or on desktop, it is the perfect scheduling tool, with a unique and useful feature.



OMF HootsuiteHootsuite is the most well-known and popular social media scheduling tool. Similarly to TweetDeck, Hootsuite provides you with a dashboard to manage your social media accounts and schedule your posts, yet does so for three of: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, at a time.

Hootsuite is primarily an app and also offers Hootsuite Pro, which includes Google Analytics and Facebook Insights as well as other features, but will set you back around $19 per month.


Sprout Social

OMF Sprout SocialSprout Social is undoubtedly the most professional management tool on this list so far and is ideal for businesses and teams; it comes at a hefty price though, starting from $59 per month.

Accessible through their web app, browser extension and app, Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, separately like HootSuite, as well as in a queue with a similar tool to Buffer’s releasing your posts at optimum times.

Sprout Social also has loads 0f other features, letting you manage and analyse your social media accounts.



OMF Sprout SocialSendible is also ideal, and perhaps exclusively, for companies and large teams, due to it costing a minimum of $492 per year.

The tool doesn’t have a queue/stack feature, however does offer scheduling individually or in bulk. One of Sendible’s main attractions is its easy to use and simple format, with an interactive calendar letting you drag and drop your posts to different times.

Sendible also offers scheduling on almost all social networks, including YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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