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3 Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Twitter Account

OMF Twitter AnalyticsTwitter allows for many different media types, and has millions of engaged and interested users. As a result, it is the perfect place for brands to promote their advertising campaigns and people to share their opinions and grow audiences.
Gaging how well your content is received is imperative to deciding what to put out in the future, and with Twitter Analytics it is quick and easy to do so. Let’s look at 3 of the best metrics you can use to measure your Twitter success:

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The most obvious way to measure the success of your tweets is the number of impressions they receive; this is the number of people that have seen, but not necessarily read/viewed them.

From impressions, you can measure the reach of certain hashtags and keywords, as well as how well your tweets are received at different times of the day.

OMF Twitter ImpressionsTwitter Analytics provides you with bar graphs detailing the impressions you receive over an editable period of time, from this you can compare trends in how your tweets perform, to the different content and opinions you put out.



OMF Twitter EngagementLikes and re-tweets are the bread and butter of growing your twitter following, and the engagement you receive can provide valuable insight about the quality of your audience; whether the people who view your tweets actually engage and take interest in them.

Replies and clicks also show that people care about your tweets and, whether it’s positive or negative, making your audience feel something is always better than indifference.

OMF Engagement RateOne of the best ways to measure engagement is through engagement rate, a statistic available in Twitter Analytics that shows you the percentage of engagements per tweet, taking into account likes, retweets, replies, clicks and media views.


Follower Count

Arguably the best, and easiest, way of tracking your success, reach and influence on twitter is your follower count.

If someone follows you it means they are interested in what you have to say and want your opinions/content to pop up on their timeline. Followers are easily tracked in Twitter analytics with graphs showing the follower growth per day.

However the number of followers someone has doesn’t always correlate with an engaging, interested audience, with many older accounts receiving little engagement from their followers, many of whom may no longer be using their accounts.

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