OMF YouTube Analytics

3 Metrics to Measure the Success of YouTube Videos

OMF YouTube Analytics

Knowing how to measure the performance of your YouTube videos is essential to improving them in the future and understanding what your audience wants to see, but it can be difficult to find sense in the figures and analytics YouTube provide you with. Here are some tips and tricks for measuring the success of your videos:

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The most obvious way to measure the performance of your videos is the number of people that view them. Views directly correlate with the revenue and exposure a video will receive, since they result in more eyes and clicks on ads, as well as more people likely to follow and engage with your content in the future.

The quality of the title and thumbnail are arguably the two most significant factors resulting in the number of views a video racks up, meaning that, although views are the most important statistic in terms of monetary gain, they don’t necessarily reflect the quality of the video.

OMF View DurationA better way to analyse quality is the ‘Average view duration’, which tells you the average time people click off of the video, as well as the exact percentage of viewers present at each second.


Audience Reaction

OMF Audience ReactionAnother method to gauge how a video is received is through the likes/dislikes and comment section. The worst thing a video can do is make the viewer feel nothing, so even if you’re content angers people in the comments or is disliked a lot, it is arguably better than getting no reaction at all.

YouTube comment sections have a reputation of being useless, volatile places, due to the amount of spam comments and negativity. However, if you look closely enough, you will find your viewers giving genuine and constructive feedback to videos, which can help to improve them in the future.

OMF Like DislikeThe like/dislike ratio can also be misleading, as it is a binary choice between hating or loving something, with no context of why the viewer feels that way, however it can be a useful tool to measure whether people care about what you’re producing.


Shares and Subscriptions

The things I’ve previously mentioned allow you to judge whether the viewers like the content you’re producing, but the best metrics to see the number of people that love and will religiously watch your videos are shares and subscribers.

OMF SubscribeShares are when people tell others about your video over social media and, whether it’s through twitter, email or copying and pasting the link, they are a great sign that people appreciate the video and think it’s worth sharing with their friends.

Finally, if you gain subscribers it means people want to follow you and the content you’re producing in the future. The number of subscribers a specific video gains you can be an accurate reflection of its genuine quality.


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