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3 Alternative Ways to Monetise Your YouTube Videos

OMF YouTube SignIn March, many major brands pulled their adverts from YouTube, as they were being shown on extremist content. This meant that many creators’ revenue from AdSense was more than halved overnight.
Furthermore, a new algorithm, which was introduced a few months ago, demonetises any content deemed controversial and, in extremely vague terms, not advertiser friendly.


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This algorithm has been incorrectly demonetising a large number of videos and while creators can appeal and get them remonetized, this usually takes around half a day, by which time the majority of their audience have already viewed the video and the potential revenue has been and gone.

However all is not lost! There are many other ways to make money from your YouTube audience.



OMF PatreonWith money received from advertisers entirely dependent on YouTube, it is a revenue stream that could disappear at any second. As a result creators are looking for a more reliable income stream and one of the best ways to do this is through crowd funding sites such as Patreon.

Patreon is a multi-tiered subscription service, allowing writers, YouTubers, musicians or any other types of creators to charge monthly fees for a service, such as behind the scenes content or exclusive videos.

Patreons can choose between a number of tiers costing differing amounts and offering different levels of service, making it the perfect way for your audience to sponsor you.



OMF YouTube AudienceYou would be surprised how much of a creator’s audience would be willing to purchase their merchandise. Whether it’s clothing or wristbands, viewers are often keen to wear their favourite YouTuber’s brand.

It is, however, easy to make a bland T-shirt with just your name or logo on it, and while this may earn you some money in the short term you will lose your credibility, so ensure you’re providing value to the buyer.



OMF YouTube AudienceWith audiences moving from traditional media to sites such as Netflix and YouTube, advertisers are keen to show off their product to this new audience and young demographic.

One of the main ways they do this is through paid sponsorship deals, where a brand will pay you to promote their product in a video, and the money they’re willing to spend is substantial, of course depending on the size of your audience.

There are many ways to incorporate a promotion into your content; from basing a video around a product, working it into your storyline or talking about it and how it has helped you in the video, providing it is a product you genuinely use and think could be beneficial to your viewers.

YouTube stipulate that you have to mention the video is an advertisement in the thumbnail, title and video though, so make sure you don’t break their terms of service!

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