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The iPhone X: A Revolutionary Piece of Technology or Just Another Slightly Larger Screen?

OMF Apple iPhone XIn 2007 Steve Jobs presented the original iPhone to the world, transforming content production and how we interact with each other.
Now, 10 years on Apple have announced the iPhone X, but is it a revolutionary piece of technology or just another slightly larger screen and slightly better camera?


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How will the iPhone X affect personal brands and companies?

When the original iPhone was released in June of 2007, content creation was revolutionized. Camera technology combined with social media apps meant you could broadcast text, images and video on the go, to an ever-growing audience.

While the Iphone X won’t be a ground-breaking piece of new technology akin to 10 years ago, the improved camera resolution, image stabilization and Animoji will improve the quality and variety of content personal brands and companies can create.

The facial recognition technology and extended battery life will make the phone easier and quicker to activate, as well as accessible more often.

OMF iPhone Flat

A New Look

The most obvious new feature of the iPhone X is the screen. The physical home button at the bottom of the phone, which has been ever-present since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, has been scrapped, in favour of onscreen buttons.

This allows for an aesthetically brilliant new-look screen, which stretches right to the bottom and edges of the phone.

The resolution has also been upgraded to 2436 x 1125 pixels, along with an eventual switch from a LCD to an OLED display, something Samsung Galaxy phones have boasted for years.

The back of the phone is now made of glass and all of the edges are curved, leading to it being comfortable in your hand and beautiful to look at.

Facial Recognition

In place of touch ID, Apple have brought in Face ID as a method of unlocking your phone.

If it works seamlessly, it will be exceptional. However, if it doesn’t, repeated failed unlocks will become frustrating, and the danger of a photograph being able to unlock a stranger’s phone could be a massive problem in terms of privacy.OMF iPhone X Facial Recognition

Image Stabilisation and Animojis

The iPhone X has an improved dual 12-megapixel setup, but it is the camera’s new features that are the most exciting.

Apple have adopted dual optical image stabilisation, resulting in minimal motion blur. While the front-facing camera’s exceptional sense of your face and surroundings allow for Animojis (animated emojis) to replace your face.

OMF Apple iPhone X ChargerBattery Life and Wireless Charging

The battery life has also been improved, with an added two hours more power from a single charge.

Finally, the iPhone X can be charged wirelessly, with Apple bringing out their own ‘Air Power’ charging plate, which can charge multiple devices at one time.



At £999, the iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive to date. Although it not a monumental step forward from previous iPhones, it is certainly not just another slightly larger screen with a slightly better camera, and has many new and improved features that significantly improve the user’s experience.

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